Friends of Kingsmead Field accept “limited development” at site

The Friends of Kingsmead Field enjoying a community event

The Friends of Kingsmead Field say they accept the “limited residential development” at the public open space.

Last night city council planners granted permission for 16 new units on 20% of the land available at the field off Kingsmead Road.

The city council had initially wanted to develop the whole of the five acre site, but relented to pressure from local campaigners.

Sian Pettman, of the Friends of Kingsmead Field, told the Canterbury Journal: “We accept that the building of limited residential development on the rear 20% of Kingsmead Field is part of the compromise agreement which we made with the council in October of last year.

“The other part of that compromise is that the council will designate the remaining 80% of the field as a Village or Town Green.

Sian Pettman, of the Friends of Kingsmead Field

“This designation will give this part of the field the highest level of protection as a public open space.

“Village or Town Green status has been a long-held ambition for the Friends of Kingsmead Field.

“We hope that the designation can now take place. The council has also promised to continue the work to enhance the field.

“This work will include the planting of a number of native trees at the back of the field to help make up for the treeline that was felled to make way for the development.

“We look forward to this happening as this will play an important role in softening the interface between the development and the field.”

The council’s planning committee approved the authority’s own application at its meeting earlier this week.

It comprises ten two-storey houses, three three-storey houses, two flats and a two-storey house with accommodation in the roof space.

Five of the houses will become part of the council’s housing stock for local families on the authority’s housing waiting list.


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