Forecasters correct: Thick snow falls over Canterbury

Heavy snow falling in Canterbury earlier today

The so-called “Beast from the East” well and truly arrived in Canterbury this morning.

Heavy snow began to fall at around 8am, adding to the layer which had already settled overnight.

Roads are moving slowly, but Southeastern Trains says all its services are “open and generally running well” despite fears yesterday there would be disruption.

The Dane John Gardens this morning

City centre resident Neil Taylor, 52, said the snowfall reminded him winters in the past.

“Snow used to be pretty common occurrence at winter times in the years I was growing up in Canterbury,” he said.

“They’re less so now, but it’s great fun for the kids when it does snow.

“The adults might not like it with the problems it can cause, but children can at least enjoy throwing snowballs, making snowmen and sledging.”

Bus firm Stagecoach has admitted it is having trouble with some routes around east Kent.

A snowman in Canterbury

There is disruption to services in Thanet and also to the number 5 service which operates between Canterbury, Yorkletts and Seasalter.

Stagecoach has also suspended its number 3 service between Canterbury and Faversham.

The weather is part of a system being blown over Kent from Russia and Finland known as the “Beast from the East”.

The Met Office is reporting a temperature of -2C in Canterbury this morning.

It will rise to zero this afternoon before steadily dropping to -4C overnight with up to a 60% chance of snow.

A snow-covered Chaucer

There are continued concerns for the plight of the city’s rough sleepers who find themselves on the streets during the coldest February for five years.

The Catching Lives homeless charity’s open centre has closed until Wednesday due to persistent issues with drugs and alcohol misuse.

But worshippers from Canterbury Mosque have been patrolling the streets to offer shelter to anyone in need.

Keep checking your Canterbury Journal for further updates on the weather situation in east Kent.


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