Fly-tipping a “serious headache” for residents on housing estate

Fly-tipped rubbish at Godwin Road in Thanington

A fed-up resident on a Canterbury housing estate is demanding urgent action to deal with fly-tipping in the area.

Tony Tuplin, who lives in Godwin Road, Thanington, says that piles rubbish frequently appear around the estate.

These include pieces of furniture, rusting shopping trolleys, mattresses and car wheels.

Fires have also been lit at some of the dump sites.

Mr Tuplin says that car tyres have been left on a patch of grass for weeks and that he personally has had to deal with some of the fires.

Tyres and burn marks at the foot of a tree in Godwin Road

The 50-year-old, a dad of three, said: “Those tyres have been there for about a month.

“I’ve reported them to Serco but they have to be collected by another company. There is now even more rubbish at that site.

“Every other week I call or visit Serco to report this fly-tipping and have even suggested they put a camera in my garden to catch the culprits.”

Prosecutions for fly-tipping can be launched if those suspected of dumping waste are caught.

Anyone who passes their rubbish to an unauthorised operator to dispose of can also find themselves in court for environmental offences.

Canterbury City Council is responsible for environmental matters in the district.

Council spokesman Rob Davies said: “This has been logged as needing attention. Enforcement officers will attend to investigate and see if they can find evidence of who has dumped it, and then arrange clearance, in the next few days.”

It is not just dropping large scale rubbish which can earn those responsible a court appearance. Earlier this month, seven people were named and shamed for throwing cigarette butts on the floor.


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