Farewell Shelley, “the most loving and caring woman”

Shelley Pollard died in central Canterbury in March

The funeral has taken place of tragic homeless mother-of-three Shelley Pollard who died on the streets of Canterbury.

Shelley Pollard, 42, collapsed on March 21 outside the Eastbridge Hospital and was later pronounced dead.

Her funeral took place at Barham Crematorium this morning.

Friend Ricky Twyman attended and said: “Shelley had a beautiful service.

“It was emotional for many from people from all walks of life. She will never be forgotten.

Mum Shelley Pollard’s hearse at her funeral

“Her boys were amazingly strong as was her mother and brother.”

Shelley, a former pupil of the Frank Hooker now Canterbury High School, had been homeless for eight years.

She had developed a ruinous drug addiction after a personal tragedy.

A shrine was set up on the Kingsbridge where she used to sit huddled under blankets trying to scrape money together.

Flowers, candles and messages of condolence were soon placed at the scene.

One from her son read: “To mum you were the most loving and caring woman I’ve ever met and you’re safe now with shelter and warmth and rest in peace with grandad love you lots xxxxxxxxxx.”

Her friend Carrie Short, 37, who grew up with her on London Road Estate, told the Canterbury Journal: “Shelley was really bubbly and chatty.

“She was the life and soul of the street where we grew and would always have your back.”

Shelley had three children with different fathers. Carrie says that Shelley led a fairly ordinary life until a personal tragedy led her into the world of hard drugs and uncontrollable addiction.

Carrie added: “We tried to get her off it. We tried to get her on methadone. She always knew that she could go back to her mum’s on the estate if she got off the drugs.

“But she found it too difficult, too hard to break. She was very ill.”


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