Extra city centre market days planned for Christmas build-up

Extra Christmas market days are planned for the city centre

Extra Christmas market days for Canterbury city centre this festive season are set to be approved by planners.

They will be additional to the traditional market tradings of Wednesdays and Fridays in St George’s Street.

The market would also feature extra stalls over a total of 29 additional days including Sundays in the build-up to Christmas.

The city council is applying to its own planning committee for permission for the extra days. It is being recommended to grant approval.

A report going before planners next week states: “The extended Christmas market is an established part of the city centre retail offer and adds to its viability and vitality over the important Christmas period.

“For a number of years, the city centre has supported an extension of the market days in the run up to the festive season from two days per week to seven.

“The extended market days and the widened range of retailers enhance the city centre retail experience, draw in more visitors and therefore enhance the vitality of the city.

“The city council has worked with the operators of the market to improve the quality of the Christmas markets, which for example, now provide wooden huts in place of the normal market stalls.

“The markets are considered to enhance the viability and vitality of the primary shopping area by attracting more people to the city centre and thus supporting other established retailers.”

Individual Christmas market stalls do not need planning permission since they are temporary structures which will be dismantled once the festive season comes to an end.

Canterbury City Council’s planning committee meets at the Guildhall next to Westgate Towers at 6.30pm on Tuesday, November 13. The meeting is open to the public.


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