EXCLUSIVE: Nurse sacked after branding ex-east Kent hospitals chief a “D***HEAD”

Angry: Jacky Moskovits

An emergency care nurse at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital has been sacked after calling its former chief executive a “D***HEAD”.

Jacky Moskovits was dragged into disciplinary proceedings because of increasingly angry online messages about the east Kent hospitals trust’s management and working conditions.

In one message the 59-year-old said: “It seems no matter how many lives you save, your employers are out to get you.”

“D***HEAD”: Matthew Kershaw

And following the departure of east Kent hospitals trust chief executive Matthew Kershaw in September, Ms Moskovits wrote on Facebook: “The D***HEAD has left the building.”

Her bosses accused the mother-of-four of bringing the trust into disrepute and fired her for gross misconduct in November.

Ms Moskovits has now gone public, arguing that she felt motivated to speak up about the life inside the trust and the way it treats its staff.

Speaking exclusively to the Canterbury Journal, Ms Moskovits says working conditions within the trust are atrocious and staff face uncertainty about the fate of its hospitals – especially the Kent and Canterbury.

“It’s a rotten place to work,” said Ms Moskovits, who began her employment in 1998 and worked in the emergency care unit.

“As medical staff, we are there to care for people, but the management do not care about us. I felt like I needed to speak out. We’re over-stretched and under-staffed.

“But if I spoke out about working conditions, I was told I was simply being pessimistic. I really would discourage anyone from working there.”

Mr Kershaw came in for criticism both from inside and outside the trust after overseeing a reorganisation process called the Sustainability Transformation Plan.

It would see Ashford as the area’s super hospital while Margate would retain units such as maternity and a limited A&E. Canterbury would be downgraded to elective surgery and rehab services.

The Kent and Canterbury Hospital

But Ms Moskovits complained that staff were not updated on the proposals. After her “D***HEAD” comment, several colleagues rallied to support her.

One wrote: “All of this makes me feel physically sick! This isn’t progression and change and moving forward! This is downgrading and dismantling of the NHS and completely dishonest!”

Workers also feared that the reorganisation of services was billed as temporary when in fact it would be permanent.

Ms Moskovits, who lives in Wincheap, also pointed to a culture of bullying identified within the trust.

The last report by inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) published in December 2016 said there had been “significant improvements in incidents of bullying and harassment”, but added that “the trust must maintain vigilance as we did receive reports from some individuals who still felt bullied”.

In the trust’s dismissal letter to Ms Moskovits dated November 21, it admitted it was concerned about the comments she had made.

Signed by Claire Casarotto of the Integrated Discharge Team, the letter states: “While I sympathise with the challenges of staffing and working within a busy department, this was not an appropriate way to raise your concerns.

“The incident occurred at a time when the Trust was under extreme scrutiny from the CQC and this type of information could bring the Trust into disrepute if it had been viewed by the CQC or the public.”

The East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust, which has its offices at the Kent and Canterbury, said this week that it could not comment on individual disciplinary cases.

But spokesman Steve James added: “I can confirm that the Nursing and Midwifery Council has guidance on the use of social media.

“This guidance states that all registrants must use all forms of spoken, written and digital communication – including social media and networking sites – responsibly, respecting the right to privacy of others at all times.”


  1. This is a tragedy. Basically if you needed a nurse who gave a damn and who would fight for her patients to have quantum care you would look no further than Jacqui. Thus represents a huge loss to emergency care.

  2. I suppose the question is ‘did she speak truth’? If so then it’s almost I nevitable that she will be pilloried by powers that be. Always worth examining a persons track record to determine whether they are likely to succeed. I hope Jacky finds caring employment soon.

  3. I ended up with a permanently numb finger after a little cut despite going to Canterbury “urgent care” or whatever the euphemism is. I did everything right. I told them I was there not just because I was cut, but because I had gone numb. I got to hospital in an hour. I then went to my doctor in 10 days then 30 days, then Outpatients a month later. The thing that got me was the specialist looked at me like I was a fool for letting it get so far. You see, all the “Urgent care” had was a nurse practictioner. There were perfectly conventional ways to stop this happening to me, but that level of care was not enough. If I HAD KNOWN I needed to go to Ashford A&E to a doctor to prevent this, I would have done… I trusted them, and they let me down on something that should have been routine.

    • Yes, so either she didn’t have privacy settings on and someone went snooping or a ‘friend’ reported her. Disgraceful. We need to remember our private pages aren’t that private!

  4. anyone who raises concerns in this organisation puts themselves at risk of bullying, harassment and disciplinary action. East Kent hospitals has no interest in improving standards or addressing issues of patient care. The case of this individual is all to common and there are countless examples of staff members who have highlighted problems and found their working lives made a misery as a result. There are serious problems with the organisational culture of this Trust, bullying is endemic and management dysfunctional.

  5. She proved that her assertions were correct when the other D***k heads rounded on her and sacked her. Is that how they deal with dissent. Slap them down instead of examining her reasons for her antipathy. Indicates an overall poor management indeed and one that I recall experiencing as a one time Director of Nursing under a similar Tory Government where the rhetoric coming from the top never matched the action. But then that’s what you get with the proverbial Car and Double glazing salesmen, so prevalent in a Tory world.


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