Environment Agency awards Herne Bay £2.8 million for sea defences

The beach at Herne Bay will see a huge sea defence project

Following a successful bid by the city council, Herne Bay has been awarded £2.8 million to pay for a major sea defence project.

The existing timber sea defences were constructed more than 40 years ago and can no longer adequately protect the sea wall.

Council engineering officers spent six months preparing a business case for work which includes replacement groynes, repairs to the promenade and other refurbishments.

Timber for the groynes has been ethically sourced from Guyana where the greenheart wood used grows naturally.

Cllr Neil Baker: Great news for Herne Bay

Cllr Neil Baker, chairman of the council’s Community Committee, said: “The bidding process for sea defence funding is very competitive and only the best applications receive cash so it’s great news for Herne Bay that our officers have been able to secure such a large scheme for the town.

“Replacing these groynes will help to provide protection from the sea for many years to come.

“Inevitably with an engineering project of this size there will be some disruption, but by working out of the peak season, we’ll ensure this is reduced as much as possible.”

The timber will be shipped into Whitstable Harbour, where it will be stored and prepared.

Subject to planning permission and a Marine Management Organisation licence, work on site in Herne Bay will start in September and run until spring 2019.


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