Drivers in Canterbury warned to slow down

Kent Police is carrying out a week long speed awareness campaign (stock image)

Police officers will be out on the Canterbury district’s road this week targeting speeding drivers.

The action forms part of a Europe-wide road safety campaign by the European Traffic Police Network.

As well as stopping motorists for breaking the speed limit, officers will be going after those suspected of being drunk or high on drugs.

Sergeant Ben Brennan of Kent’s Roads Policing Unit said: “Our main aim is to educate motorists and encourage them to drive safely.

“It can be easy to forget why there are limits in place and for motorists to slip into bad habits. However the consequence of excessive speed can be dire and life lost on the road is a tragic waste.

“Speeding affects a driver’s perception, their reaction and significantly increases the braking distance.

“The risk of death is around four times higher when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle travelling at 40mph rather than 30mph.

“I would ask motorists to take this opportunity to think about how they drive, consider the conditions around them and the impact that their behaviour can have on other road users.”

Kent Police is being supported by Kent County Council and the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership, which operates the two speed cameras in Canterbury at Pin Hill on the Ring Road and at the bottom of St Martin’s Hill.

Speeding is one of the offences in the so-called “fatal four” factors which contribute to serious road accidents. The other three are using a phone, failing to wear a seatbelt and driving under the influence.

An average of one person a week died on the roads of Kent and Medway last year.

The week of action started today (Monday) and is due to finish on Sunday, April 22.


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