Car wholly on pavement among those ticketed for parking near school gates

A parking ticket on a car in Hales Drive outside St Stephen's Primary School

Enforcement officers have been out slapping tickets on cars parked outside the gates of schools across the Canterbury district.

More 130 tickets have been handed out since the start of January in an attempt to tackle a problem which makes the streets less safe.

Called Operation Safety Net, special attention is paid to parents who park on zig-zag lines, double yellows or dropped kerbs.

The problem is particularly bad outside St Stephen’s Primary School in Hales Drive.

Enforcement officers visited the school on Wednesday when they handed out seven tickets in 30 minutes. One driver had parked wholly on the pavement, forcing mums with pushchairs on to the road.

Cllr Neil Baker: Enforcement neccessary

Cllr Neil Baker, chairman of the the city council’s community committee, says it is vital the authority takes action.

“This isn’t a money-making exercise,” Cllr Baker said.

“This is about ensuring people realise that parking where they shouldn’t can cause a real danger to others. There’s just no excuse for it and we will continue to make tackling this a key area of our work.

“Every time we promote the action we’ve taken under Operation Safety Net on social media, we get very strong support from residents.

“Our officers also receive lots of backing from parents on the street too, who are pleased to see us working hard to keep their children safe.”


  1. Very pleased,people who park on pavements,even if they are wide, are a pain! Cause’s problems for mothers with prams,disbled,who have to go onto road.


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