Does anyone know when the Longmarket became a car park?

Cars parked in the Longmarket

The above question seems a reasonable one to ask looking at that picture.

For the last few days when I’ve walked past the Longmarket, there have been cars parked at the Burgate end of it.

They don’t have parking tickets on them so one can fairly assume that they’re there lawfully – or at least the authorities are none too bothered by their presence.

But when did this happen? And why is it allowed to happen? Can anyone now just park in the pedestrianised city centre area?

I know a fair few people who would love to be able to park at the Longmarket if they fancied a quick bite at Wagamama or needed to pick up a spatula from Lakeland.

So what do they need to do to be able to do so?

I’ve asked Canterbury City Council for some answers…


  1. This would be amazing if true- I wonder if they could be spaces for blue badge holders? So much of the pedestrianised city centre I can’t ever get to, as cars can’t drop me close enough and I’m so limited in how far I can walk.


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