Do flash motors really give men pulling power?

A Ferrari and a McLaren sitting on yellow lines in the North Lane car park

Everyone knows that in the Bible it says: “Thou shalt not judgeth a man by his car.” But we do, don’t we ladies?

Research published earlier this week reveals that a flashy car is less likely to attract a life partner.

A man who drives a Porsche Boxster, for example, attracts fewer women who are looking for “something serious” than, say, a Honda Civic owner.

Unfortunately for men, women looking for a relationship have an irrepressible habit of visualising the future life she may have with him based on snap judgements she makes in response to his appearance and basic character traits.

This future imagined life seems to flash before one’s eyes in high speed, much like the showreel of your life in a near-death experience – but looking ahead rather than back.

A Ferrari and a McLaren sitting on yellow lines in the North Lane car park

If she is happy with this visualisation, she may then make the decision to proceed into the relationship.

This process can happen in the first few minutes of meeting the man, or if they are feeling generous they may allow the judgement to spread over the first few meet-ups. Brutal, either way.

My significant other is a survivor of this cut-throat regime.

He picked me up for our first date from Canterbury to Dover Castle in his Daewoo Matiz, basically a Lego car most 17-year-olds wouldn’t even be seen dead in, with a cushion on the driver’s seat for his back in the form of a giant football. I almost called it quits on the spot.

For most parts a man’s car is a key piece to this algorithm of a woman’s judgement call, for it seems to reveal so much about the personality – and as the research suggests the men who drive the sensible cars have the upper hand.

When a man shows up in a reliable, sturdy car that can fit a pram in the boot and bikes on the roof, we are immediately propelled into the fantasy of camping holidays with kids, muddy welly boots and a golden retriever hanging its tongue-lolling head out the car window.

Women are complicated creatures who like a delicate balance of intrigue and mystique, along with stability and consistency. Keep up, guys!

If a man shows up in a flashy car it gives the impression of being unreliable, sexually promiscuous, smug and arrogant, the research shows.

I won’t go into the pre-existing stereotypes involving a mid-life crisis or a small penis, as I actually think the phrase “compensating for something” is true – however I think what is being compensated is a lack of personality.

Maybe it’s time to trade in for a Volvo.



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