“Dingy and threatening” underpass to get facelift

The Wincheap underpass is covered in graffiti

The city council is start work on improving the Wincheap Underpass.

Plagued by graffiti for years, the underpass connects two sides of the Rheims Way at the Wincheap Roundabout by Aldi.

It is to be lined in a plastic coating which can easily be wiped clean and will feature photographs of Canterbury scenes.

Cllr Nick Eden-Green, who has represented Wincheap since 1999, has welcomed the upgrade.

The Lib Dem said: “I hope it will prove we can transform this dingy threatening place into a tolerably pleasant walking route to and from the city.

“For info the approach ramps will be tiled and the tunnel plastic lined with photos of iconic city buildings and pictures of Hambrook Marshes. All surfaces will be cleanable to remove any tags.”

The work is due to start next month and is expected to last two or three weeks.

Old layers of paint will be stripped away to make way for the new easy wipe coating.

Community activist and Wincheap resident Christian Mills, who is standing for the Conservatives at next year’s city council elections, admits he is “pleased as punch that the subway is not just being cleaned but revamped entirely”.

He said: “While the wider issue of graffiti remains a problem within Canterbury this is a fantastic step forward, and will hopefully lead to greater efforts in future to clean up the town and show Canterbury at its best.

“As our community comes together to clean up our neighbourhoods, hopefully residents across Canterbury will have their chance to show a little love for the city we all share.”

The council is holding a special event next month for anyone interested in running for council. Click here for more information.


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