Deliveroo and Uber Eats cyclists “must stop reckless riding” in city centre

Canterbury city centre (file pic)

A city council committee has urged Deliveroo and Uber Eats to warn their delivery cyclists against riding recklessly on Canterbury’s streets.

Its chairman Cllr Terry Wesygate has written to the firms, urging them to take their “moral and legal responsibilities seriously” after complaints about the way they are operating – especially in the pedestrianised city centre.

Earlier this month, the Canterbury Forum heard from a pensioner who suffered a glancing blow from a delivery rider making his way through the area at speed. He needed medical treatment.

In his letter, Cllr Westgate says: “Despite being steeped in history, Canterbury in east Kent is a forward-thinking city determined to embrace every opportunity presented to it by advances in technology.

“However, a recent meeting of the forum was told of increasing concerns from residents about the way your delivery riders recklessly make their way through the city centre.

“We have no doubt your organisation takes safety incredibly seriously and the forum seeks your assurance you will remind your riders in this area of their legal and moral responsibilities.

“If this behaviour continues to be an issue, councillors will ask council officers to explore what other legal avenues are open to restrict riders behaving in a way that can only be described as dangerous. We will also work with the police and those responsible for policing health and safety legislation.

“At best, we see this as a reputational issue for your company. At worst, we fear someone is going to be seriously hurt unless this matter is tackled with a sense of urgency.”

Vehicles are banned from the pedestriansed parts of the city centre between  10.30am and 4pm each day with Kent Police responsible for enforcing the rules.


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