Deeson’s Restaurant: A very Canterbury tale


Whenever an independent restaurant in Canterbury closes, a number of things will automatically happen.

The restaurant will seek to blame factors outside its control. Announcing the closure of Deeson’s (pictured above) in Sun Street, owner Sam Deeson blamed the “the current financial crisis”.

Sam Deeson, owner of Deeson’s

Why this crisis specifically targeted his restaurant is unclear. After all, just down the road in Palace Street is the Kashmir Indian restaurant, opened in 1966. It withstood the financial crisis of the mid-70s, the collapse of 1992 and the crash of 2007-8.

The second thing we can be sure of following such a closure is that people will take to social media to lament its passing and implore others to make sure they use independents.

The selfsame people can be found shopping at supermarkets, eating at Pizza Express and getting take-out coffee from Costa.

The third thing that happens is that people will protest that we are overrun with chains. We’re not. Canterbury has a healthy mix of of both chains and independents.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact, moreover, that chains exist because they start with a single restaurant and expand. They produce food people want at a price they’re willing to pay.

The final certainty of the tumultuous world of Canterbury’s restaurant trade is that whenever it emerges that a new restaurant is to open, people again take to social media to complain “not another bloody restaurant”.

Which is weird because weren’t they just bemoaning the closure of Deeson’s…?