Crisis over – KFC in Canterbury is open again

Lights on - KFC in St George's is open again

It is one of the worst crises Britain has endured since the end of the Second World War.

KFC’s newspaper apology

Well, that’s how it seems to some discussing the Great KFC Chicken Shortage.

But I can report that the restaurant by the St George’s clocktower is open again – and serving chicken.

That sense of panic and gloom that overcame many is now set to evaporate.

KFC has tried to inject some levity into the maelstrom with a whole page newspaper advert featuring an empty chicken bucket with the letters FCK on it and an apology to its customers beneath.

The reality is, however, that KFC fans are just relieved they can eat deep fried food out of a bucket once more.


Is 43 too young to have a senior moment? It felt like it as I watched one of the Jason Bourne films on Sky the other day.

The film cut away to a flashback of Bourne (Matt Damon) and his girlfriend Marie (Franka Potente) in a passionate embrace. 

I’ve no time for these plot stalling diversions so reached for the remote control to fast forward it – only to find that the bloody thing wouldn’t work.

Weirdly, or so I thought, all the other functions on the control were working. It was only when a friend came round later and pointed out that there was nothing wrong with the device did I realise that I hadn’t in fact been watching a film on download or catch-up and so couldn’t forward it.


My retired pal, a former Canterbury policeman, suffered his own senior moment – helped in no small part by copious amounts of Guinness from the Old City Bar in Oaten Hill.

Deciding he’d had his fill, he made his way home via a takeaway from the Kudos Chinese restaurant in Dover Street.

As he tucked into the meal in his dining room 30 minutes later, he was disturbed by a buzz on the intercom: “Sir, it’s the Kashmir Tandoori. I have your curry.”

He checked his phone to discover that he had ordered the meal at the exact time he had been walking through the city centre with his Chinese food.


With Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby in the news again, it reminded me of something an ex-colleague used to say.

He couldn’t wait for the moment when the Archbishop would become involved in a physical altercation with a German tourist. The story would be headlined “Bish Bash Boche”…


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