Council rejects anti-car park petition – as it reveals plans for transport hub

Canterbury West train station

A petition demanding Canterbury City Council ditch plans to build a £9 million multi-storey car park has been rejected.

The ruling Conservative group voted to press ahead with the contentious 380-space project in Station Road West close to Canterbury West train station.

Eight Lib Dem and Labour councillors supported the petition and are poised to use hostility towards the car park as a key element of their campaigns in this year’s local election in May.

The petition and vote came at the meeting of the full council in the Guildhall last night (Thursday, January 10).

Earlier in the day the authority released details of its plan for an integrated transport hub in the area around the station.

It includes an area for taxis to pick up and drop off from, more ticket machines and barriers and an area designated “increased space for transport interchange” for buses.

Cllr Ben Fitter-Harding, chairman of the regeneration and property committee, said: “This is our collaborative idea of how the area could look in the future as the multi-storey car park and additional spaces it brings unlocks land around the station, allowing its function as a transport hub to be enhanced.

“Between us we will need to draw up more detailed plans, and decide how the improvements will be funded.

“We will work hard with our partners to deliver this plan and our map provides all those who are involved with something to aspire to.”

At the end of last year, the council allowed preparatory sewage work to take place in Station Road West ahead of construction of the car park.

More work is currently taking place and the building of the car park is due to start in February.


  1. Congratulations and appreciation to the two petitioners last night , Anna and Sue ,for their excellent presentations to full Council..

    Calmly and with the confidence that comes from thorough research they quoted an impressive accumulation of hard evidence to illustrate the serious flaws in this scheme.

    In sharp contrast the arguments put forward for the construction to proceed were incoherent,illogical and outdated…They might have had some validity circa 1960.

    Very sad to see that the much needed transport hub remains only an aspiration and the space allocated for it not fit for purpose.

    No doubt in 20 years time the next generation will gaze at this expensive white elephant and wonder “what were they thinking? ” and then call in the demolition team

  2. What an extraordinary piece of timing that the transport hub idea, which Lib Dem Cllrs have been demanding for months, was magically produced hours before this meeting in an attempt to deflect the excellent points made by the petitioners.
    Some 20 years ago the monstrous old Whitefriars multi storey car park was demolished and a new one, masked by shops and houses, went up in its place. How incredible that no lessons have been learnt and we now see a reincarnation of that monster in Station Road West.


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