Could this be the city’s best breakfast joint?

The set 2 at the Long Port Cafe

As I said the other day, Canterbury is not short of decent breakfast eateries.

And as I started to tuck into my latest Full English, I found myself overcome by the thought: “Could this possibly the best one the city has?”

That’s not to suggest that any of the other ones are sub-standard.

It’s just that the one at the Longport Cafe in Longport was so good.

Operating from what was once the Longport Curry House, the cafe is epitome of the modern incarnation of the greasy spoon – that is, it doesn’t deserve the association of the adjective greasy.

The Longport Cafe in Canterbury

This place is clean, super clean. It’s a got a decent extensive menu which caters for a variety of tastes.

I went for the set 2 for which you get buttered bread, beans, an egg, two bacon, a sausage, two slices of black pudding and two hash browns.

There’s a lot to be said for a hash browns with a Full English.

Yes, I know some purists object to what they see as an American interloper on the breakfast plate.

But I’m a huge fan and they’re great with beans or some egg yolk.

The presence of the black pudding on the set 2 is another touch – and it’s a decent pair of slices of Britain’s favourite blood sausage.

Overall, the grub was excellent, exactly the sort of thing to set you for the day – and like everything on the menu, it’s all sold at a fair price.

The set 2 I had was £5.70 and a total of £6.20 with a can of coke. That’s good value for what I had.

Longport Cafe is open 7am to 4pm Mondays to Saturdays and 8pm to 3pm on Sundays.


  1. I agree the only place that I go for a full English.. I’ve tried others but have a sensitive tummy and get belly ache from other greasy spoons around the city, this is by far the best cafe, I visit weekly ha????


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