Copulating couple seen at beauty spot

The couple were seen on the Hambrook Marshes

Those who use the Hambrook Marshes for pleasure often do so as a means of getting away from it all.

For one couple, however, the pleasure derived from getting their ends away.

The man and woman were seen copulating in the verdant wilds of the marshes, which stretch alongside the River Stour as it wends its way west of Canterbury to Thanington and Chartham.

Scaffolder Jamie Johnson, 36, spotted the couple as he rode his bike along Whitehall Road, which borders the opposite side of the marshes as it heads towards the Whitehall level crossing.

He said: “I suppose I was more surprised than shocked.

Scaffolder saw couple frolicking at Hambrook Marshes

“It was broad daylight – only about 1pm. They seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“You couldn’t help but notice the woman with her bright red hair.”

The law does not specifically prohibit sexual such behaviour except where it causes alarm or distress to others.

In the past the Toddler’s Cove car park was a notorious dogging hotspot where people met to take part in sexual activities with strangers.

Sian Pettman, a trustee of Hambrook Marshes, says its remoteness makes it attractive to people who want to avoid prying eyes.

“It’s very isolated and you can feel quite vulnerable in the area,” Mrs Pettman said.

“I wasn’t aware that this sort of activity was happening, but it’s always good to know these things.

“Certainly we have had issues with drug dealing and drug taking in the area.

“It’s so isolated I’m sure a lot happens there that goes on beneath the radar.”

Hambrook Marshes are connected via a pathway to Toddler’s Cove and the Westgate Gardens. Owned by the Love Hambrook Marshes Trust, it is open all the time and is especially popular with dog walkers.


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