Climate change: The young have been weaponised in the service of a dogma


A week ago the schoolchildren of Canterbury were weaponised and deployed in the demonstration over climate change. This is disturbing not just because playing truant means missing education, but because they are being manipulated by those old enough to know better.

I’m certain that junior school pupils do not understand the complexities of the climate change arguments and issues. I very much doubt that your average secondary school pupil does either – even if they are in the sixth form.

The reality is that these children are being fed climate change dogma: I almost said brainwashed for that is effectively what it is.

How many of them will have heard a dissenting opinion? How many of them will have been encouraged to take a longer view of natural history? I suspect few if any will have heard anything other than mankind is destroying the earth and we are all doomed unless we give up our cars, our gas cookers and our central heating.

The result is that in one of the most energy conscious and climate conscious countries on the planet we get street demonstrations by children programmed to believe in a vision of the impending apocalypse.

Does anyone point out to them that at night, when the wind doesn’t blow, we rely on gas or coal fired power stations and, yes, on windless days we also rely on gas and coal power to keep out lights on and our computers running? We couldn’t function without them.

So if we junk our petrol cars to save the planet we need to power up our electric cars, and where do you think that electricity comes from? Probably coal or gas fired power stations. It’s no good saying it shouldn’t: if civilisation is not to collapse around us, it must.

Does anyone point out to these children that windpower produced electricity is inordinately more expensive than coal or gas produced? That’s not a problem if you don’t pay the bills, but one day they will grow up and will have to pay those bills themselves.

Of course, they will also have to bear the consequences of their own and others’ inaction in not moving to address the problems of the climate change that is happening as part of the natural order. As I’ve said before climate change is what happens. The climate has always changed.

We are foolish to think we can stop it, but we can move to mitigate its impact:. We don’t because we are hubristic and believe we can stop it in its tracks. My generation won’t see the consequences but theirs almost certainly will.

I would have more respect for the climate change manipulators if they put their money where their mouths are. The biggest polluter on the planet is China. Do we see them heading off there to protest at China’s programme of building new coal fired power station? No of course not. Let’s be fair they could even go to Germany or Poland to protest against coal-produced electricity. Do they? No, of course not.

What about logging and deforestation in Indonesian and Amazonian jungles, both of which carry environmental impacts. Are they there? Need I answer?

That’s because it’s much easier to protest from the safety of your own home, where you are pushing at a politically open door.

Have your march, have your demo, it won’t change anything that matters, but boy will you feel good about yourselves: it’s called virtue signalling – showing the world how much you care without actually having to do anything.

But what kind of person manipulates children to do their virtue signalling for them, just how low can they stoop? Frankly, I think they should be ashamed of themselves.

Perhaps they could join me in welcoming the opportunity to extract oil from below ground Sussex and gas from below ground Lancashire.

Those measures would certainly cut the emissions necessary to get oil and gas here from overseas. While we’re about it what about supporting the building of rubbish incinerators to generate power, solving two problems at one go. They seem to work alright on the continent, after all.

These would be practical measures so I don’t expect the climate change Luddites to support them. Theirs is a world of noisy opposition and demonstration rather than that of useful ideas and solutions.


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