Climate change “funeral procession” will gridlock city streets

Extinction Rebellion brought traffic to s standstill earlier this year (image courtesy of Extinction Rebellion).

Climate change campaign group Extinction Rebellion will be holding a “funeral procession” in Canterbury during their second day of action this year.

Activists are also planning once again to stop traffic moving through the city on a Saturday as they demand urgent measures to be taken to safeguard the environment.

They want government at all levels to declare a “climate emergency” in order “to deliver the required changes in the face of the ecological and climate disaster we all face”.

And they are hoping that Canterbury City Council follows the lead of other local authorities in taking measures for a zero carbon environment by 2025.

The first protest took place near to the Westgate Towers on January 5 when activists stopped traffic in the road to make their point.

City resident Jack Webber said: “I’ve joined extinction rebellion because despite the grave warnings that environmental scientists have given, the government does not seem to be treating climate change as the crisis it clearly is.

“Climate change is simply the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced and unless severe action is taken now, everything that makes this world bright and beautiful will cease to exist. I cannot sit idly by and watch that

The next Extinction Rebellion protest will take place on Saturday, March 2.


  1. It needs something dramatic to get the attention of the head in the sand Mr Toads of this world who in their carefree and selfish denial just assume that it is something for the next generation

    Meantime let’s crack on and build lots more car parks .

    Never mind if it means cutting down trees
    What use are they?!

    Well done ER for taking action when others just shrug their shoulders


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