City’s young will “strike” over climate change

A day of climate change protest is taking place across the UK (stock image)

Hundreds of young people are expected to take place in a climate change protest in Canterbury on Friday.

The controversial action – described as a “strike” – will see pupils miss lessons at their schools as they join other young people including college and university students for the Youth Strike for Climate march.

It will be part of a co-ordinated national day of action aimed at provoking the authorities to take more action on environmental issues.

A coalition of organisations comprising YouthStrike4Climate, the UK Student Climate Network and the UK Youth Climate Coalition is demanding that the government declares a “state of climate emergency”.

Anna Taylor of the UK Student Climate Network said: “We’re running out of time for meaningful change, and that’s why we’re seeing young people around the world rising up to hold their governments to account on their dismal climate records.”

Jake Woodier of the UK Youth Climate Coalition added: “Youth voices are too often left out of the discussion when it comes to climate change.

“Our current trajectory is completely incompatible with a clean, safe environment not only for ourselves but future generations as well.”

The Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys is among those whose pupils will be taking part in the protest.

Head of school Ken Moffat explained that pupils wanting to take part had to gain parental approval and write a letter outlining their understanding of the issues.

” I want a generation of kids showing that they are not mind numbed,” Mr Moffat said.

“I want them to show that they have steel and anger. If the protest was politically motivated left or right, then it gets difficult.

“If they want to complain that our generation is letting them down on the planet they will inherit, I cannot stop them on this sensible protest.”

The protest starts tomorrow (Friday, February 15) at 11am. Protesters are due to meet at the Clock Tower in St George’s from where they will march to the Dane John Gardens.


  1. Well done to all concerned with the organisation of this event

    I do hope that those politicians that are in denial about climate change and air quality begin to get the message and turn their attention to these issues

    Too many of them prefer to indulge themselves trying to score points in silly political games

    I know five year olds who are far better behaved than some of our parliamenterians


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