City Tory chief’s rage over PM’s “destructive” Brexit talks with Corbyn

Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a grassroots revolt

In a sign that Theresa May is alienating grassroots supporters, the chairman of Canterbury’s Conservatives has written to members to make plain his anger over the Prime Minister’s approach to Brexit.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Mrs May held talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a man she once described as “not fit to govern” and a “Marxist, anti-semite”.

Greig Baker, the chairman of the Canterbury Conservative Association wrote to members to describe Mrs May’s handling of the process as “unedifying, infuriating and destructive in equal measure”.

He went on to explain that he would continue to serve the Conservative Party, which has “excellent candidates” for the forthcoming Canterbury City Council elections.

Conservative chairman Greig Baker

Mr Baker added that despite the deadlock over in Parliament over Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union following the 2016 referendum it still contained “good Conservative MPs” who “make the case for true Conservative values”.

Some members, however, have been symbolically cutting up their Conservative Party membership cards.

Conservative youth member Lawrence Gartshore even cancelled his membership after Mrs May announced talks with Mr Corbyn.

He said: “This emphatic capitulation by May was really the final straw.

“The Conservative Party are not conservative any longer.”


  1. Yet more destructive Tory in fighting….now at local level. Theresa May …for some reason has fought her battle alone. The so-called, but now bankrupt, British Constitution includes “collective cabinet responsibility” and that the PM is “first amongst equals” but these principles have been discarded.

    Cabinet members keep referring to ” Theresa May’s deal” nor “our deal”.

    I am no supporter of either TM or JC but if they can achieve a result they deserve our support in that matter.

    The British taxpayers are financing this long drawn out expensive charade. MP’s are taking the piss. By the way have readers seen the huge number of toilets being installed at Manston Airport for potential stranded lorry drivers at our expense?

    We are told that the Tories have “excellent candidates” for the City council elections on May 2nd. I wonder ,when, if elected any of them will turn out to be as good a Councillor as Oliver Fawcett, who for the last two years appears to have lived and worked away from our city in Sussex and not been able to perform his task properly?

    I made an official complaint about him, only to be told that as he had attended just three council meetings in the last year, that was sufficient for him not to have the complaint upheld. I was further advised that I have my ward Cllrs and others to engage with. That is not the point as he has been receiving about £5000 in allowances per year. Why should the other hard working members carry his burden as well?

    As local Tory chairman, why didn’t Greig Baker advise Oliver that by remaining as a Cllr, Oliver Fawcett further tainted the Tory brand and should therefore resign? That is what some of his colleagues in in similar circumstances have done?

    Voters on the doorstep or in hustings should ensure that candidates are asked if they intend to do their jobs properly. Nationally and locally the Tories are not performing well. They do not deserve success.

  2. This guy is one of those who forced Mrs May to change path with this stance: published on 29/03/19.
    PS Keir Starmer KCB QC is the negotiator and he is not a Marxist. He used to run the CPS!
    PPS Greig Baker has nothing to lose with a no-deal . He is politico: ‘Greig Baker is chief executive of The Guide Consultancy, a political intelligence agency in Westminster. Guide advises companies on government policy, public procurement issues and corporate communications. Before establishing Guide, Baker managed a political research company, worked as an adviser to the Conservative Party,’ (

  3. May betrayed the Conservative principles and her Party. The referendum didn’t mention any “deal”. She is a Remainer and she is destroying the Conservative party.

  4. Hooray. Let the headbangers of the Conservative Party destroy themselves. They have no majority and don’t understand the word compromise.


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