City to see second Youth Strike for Climate

Protesters make their way down Sun Street during the first Climate Strike

Young people will once again walk out of classes to march through the streets of Canterbury in a protest over the environment.

The second Youth Strike for Climate takes place on Friday and follows a similar protest last month.

Then more than 300 pupils from secondary schools and university students processed through Canterbury demanding that action is taken to protect the environment.

Student Eske Eilts, one of the organisers, said: “The Youth Strike in February had such an amazing turnout that we decided that it was just the beginning.

“We will keep on standing up for our future until we and the ecological crises are taken for serious and the institutions of power act appropriately.”

Those taking part are planning to meet by Whitefriars in St George’s Street at 10am on Friday, March 15.


  1. Are they afraid the turn-out might not be so good if they held it on a non-school day?
    So the ‘blame-culture’ manifests itself once again. Blame governments, blame business, blame cars, etc, but what are they going to do about it as individuals?
    We are all ‘consumers’, what are they prepared to give-up?

  2. Well I managed to force my way through the Buttermarket outside the Cathedral Gates on Friday where a small number of demonstrators with placards and loudhailer were impeding access to the Cathedral for tourists and through the City for shoppers. Most of the crowd seemed to be parties of foreign school children attracted by the commotion and gathering to see what was going on; bear that in mind when they tell you how many people turned up.

    I heard two children on the radio today explaining their absence from school on the grounds that bunking off school was worthwhile to “save the planet” ….. whose indoctrinating these kids? The planet needs no saving, it will carry on existing for millions of years yet, whether mankind is still here or not; its just a catch phrase which young unformed minds can be taught to parrot.

    The science of climate change is complex and even the best scientists would not pretend to fully understand it and I do not believe that a bunch of schoolchildren understand it better than the scientists, so why are they doing it ……… sadly because they are being manipulated, how low can you stoop to manipulate children this way!


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