City drinker’s astonishing – but ultimately failed – attempt to get free pint

The Seven Stars in Orange Street, Canterbury

A drinker stunned staff at a Canterbury city centre pub with an attempt to get himself a free pint of lager.

He turned up at the Seven Stars in Orange Street and asked to pay for the beer with a card, handing over a card and taking sizeable glugs from the glass.

When it was pointed out the card was only for cashpoint use, the man produced a debit card and continued drinking.

As the transaction was declined, staff noticed the man rushing to down the remnants of the glass and yanked it back off him.

Unable to pay, the brazen boozehound ducked out of the Stars.

But staff were astonished to see him return a few days later and ask for a pint.

“Not until you’ve paid for the one you had the other,” he was told.

Sheepishly handing over the money, the man was told he couldn’t have another pint – and was promptly barred.


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