City councillor joins newly formed pro-Brexit party

The Foundation Party is committed to Britain leaving the European Union

A Canterbury city councillor has joined a new political party which aspires to ensure the UK’s departure from the European Union.

David Hirst, who had most recently been sitting as an independent, is the first councillor in the district to sit as a member of the Foundation Party.

Formed this year, the pro-Brexit party is also calling for the devolution of more power to the regions.

Cllr Hirst, who represents Herne Bay’s Greenhill ward, has also sat as a Conservative and as member of the UK Independence Party.

He said: “So much of that which we see, in government, both at Westminster and locally is lacking in transparency, common sense, drive and initiative.

Cllr David Hirst

“We desperately need fresh and lucid voices bringing common sense solutions.

“Foundation promises all that and more – a bold renewal to meet our challenging times.”

The party says it is committed to national independence and self-government, robust law and order, opportunity and self-reliance, the empowering of local communities, constitutional reform and freedom of speech and civilised debate.

Chris Mendes, the leader of the Foundation Party, is based in Ashford. He said: “Britain is one of the most principled societies in the world, yet it is governed today by a ruthlessly unprincipled culture where public relations is more important than principles and political correctness is more important than truthful debate.

“New parties are needed to replace over time the existing ones that have failed. The Foundation Party is a new open and honest party from the grassroots that is patriotic, deep-rooted in common sense and ambitious for our country.”

Folkestone councillor Mary Lawes has also joined the party, which has pledged not to accept donations of more than £20,000 from any individual.



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