Chinese state fury over sale of artefact at Canterbury auction

The Tiger Ying vase sold for £410,000 at the Canterbury Auction Galleries

Authorities in China will release a list of cultural relics they suspect have been stolen following the sale of a rare vase in Canterbury.

The Tiger Ying water vessel sold for £410,000 at the Canterbury Auction Galleries last week.

It had been found in a Kent house, but is believed to have been stolen by British troops from a palace in Beijing.

Some 1.5 million artefacts, including the vessel, were taken in 1860.

The English China News Service, part of the state-owned China News Service, today reports that authorities had been angered by the sale and want to ban further sales of its cultural relics.

China’s State Administration of Cultural Heritage also wants to establish an information sharing platform with the Public Security Bureau to document and trace China’s lost treasures.

Chinese buyers are believed to have been among those bidding for the Tiger Ying. The auction galleries said it had carried out proper due diligence checks and was satisfied it could proceed with the sale.


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