Chicken fans! Eat at Canterbury Nando’s? You need to read this…

Nando's in St Peter's Street is popular - but what are its secrets?

Known for its chicken dishes at affordable prices, Nando’s in St Peter’s Street is usually busy.

It sits in the building once Canterbury’s famous Caesar’s Restaurant and is popular with families, visitors and the city’s student population.

Now an ex-employee of the worldwide chain has revealed secrets about Nando’s operating methods.

Olives, a Nando’s favourite

Firstly, always order chicken breast if you want to get the most meat. The restaurant does not use organic chicken, the former employee said, but bulk buys meat already marinated.

Secondly, don’t be tempted by the ramekin of olives. Retailing at £3.60 per serving, staff are instructed to put just one layer of olives into the bowl – no more than eight or nine – along with pieces of garlic.

Thirdly, much of the food is frozen including the macho peas, the veggie burger and the pita bread.

Finally, and perhaps most surprisingly of all, the chips the restaurant serves are made by McCain’s.

The ex-employee also revealed that certain male customers on dates order mildly spiced chicken dishes, but ask that an extra hot sticker is placed on the meal in order to impress their female companions.

In terms of its overall rating, the Canterbury restaurant receives four out of five points on review site TripAdvisor.

Giving it five points, one reviewer even described it as the “best Nando’s in England”.

He said: “I was sat down at a table within two minutes of walking through the door, we ordered our food and it was with us within 10 minutes of ordering. Service staff were friendly and fast and made us feel welcome.”

But there is dissatisfaction at the other end of the scale. One reviewer said: “Why anyone would want to eat here is beyond me. Got dragged in by friends and it was horrific.

“Food quality was poor, there were very few veggie options. Service was chaotic, atmosphere was of pigs guzzling slop. Sickening.”

Nando’s facts:

  • The first Nando’s restaurant was opened in Johannesburg in 1987 by Fernando Duarte and Robert Brozin
  • It was originally a Portuguese take-away called Chickenland, which they bought and renamed Nando’s after Duarte’s son
  • The pair were particularly impressed by the piri-piri hot sauce they were served, which originated in Mozambique. It has become the restaurant’s trademark
  • West London saw the first Nando’s in the UK open in 1992. There are almost 300 restaurants around the country today
  • Nando’s now operates 1,000 restaurants around the globe including places such as Pakistan, Namibia and Mauritius


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