Cheese the hero as new shop opens in city centre

Julie Nuttall with a selection of her produce

“People just love cheese,” says Julie Nuttall from behind the counter of her new shop in central Canterbury.

Called The Cheese Shop, it sits in the premises which had been occupied by greengrocer Dumbrell’s in Palace Street and describes itself as “Canterbury’s specialists in artisnal cheese”.

Julie sells a variety of handmade cheeses alongside bread, crackers and other products to be eaten with cheese such as quince.

“After Dumbrell’s closed, I saw an opportunity and decided to give it a go,” Julie told the Canterbury Journal.

“I’m hoping that Palace Street becomes a bit more foodie rather than just being lots of cafes and restaurants – and after all, people love cheese.

“All my produce is handmade cheeses which are so much nicer than the mass produced types.”

Julie opened the shop after a career working in business development in the corporate world.

Her job took her to places such as Turkey, Portugal and parts of Africa. It was here that she developed an interest in organic and sustainable food.

After leaving the corporate world, she began working as a cheesemonger and then opened the cheese shop.

Eventually Julie hopes to open a tapas cheese bar at the back of the premises which will be licensed to serve wine with the cheeses.


  1. Much in the same way that people regularly pop into Wincheap Hardware, in order to purchase four candles, I imagine that Ms Nuttall will soon start playing bouzouki music, as erudite customers cease their Walpoleing activities and invade her place of purveyance, then ask her for Red Leicester, Tilsit, Caerphilly, Bel Paese, Red Windsor etc etc. I do hope she has her “out of stock” excuses ready!

    Feeling peckish, nay esurient, one day a couple of years ago, I tried this out at the deli counter in the Henley-on-Thames branch of Waitrose. Now, I asked, do you by perchance have any Bresse Bleu, or Savoyard perhaps? Yes sir, how much would you like? Aaarrgghh! I’d failed to spot that Waitrose was having a French cheese festival! They even had Pont L’Eveque! The biter having been well and truly bit, I sheepishly asked for a bit of all three and very good they were too. The joke was well and truly on me, as I don’t suppose the young lady serving had ever seen Python’s cheese shop sketch.

    Well, that learned I, dinnit!

  2. Hi Rory, yes a couple of bazouki players would be very welcome! Would be fun at the launch! By the way, I do have Pont L”Eveque! Can gladly do the ‘hmm ???? no!’ bit to some of the others 🙂

  3. Well Julie, as one who delights in all manifestations of the Terpsichorean muse, I shall look forward to popping in for a smidgen of fermented curd on my next visit to Canterbury. Eeee, I like a bit of cheese!
    When’s your official launch?
    Hope you get lots of customer interest and build up a loyal band of turophillic foodies.
    Bonne chance.

  4. Thank goodness for google dictionary! Launch to be announced in a few weeks once I have my liquor license. Thanks for the wishes Rory! Hope you visit Canterbury soon!


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