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Hot person drinking water

High Speed Views: heat

Our columnist gets hot and bothered
ice skates

Canterbury to get its Christmas ice rink

After a number of false starts, it's finally coming
Microphone and headphones

In praise of the podcast

What is a podcast and why does it matter?

Seven tips to help you survive working from home during lockdown

Tips from a Canterbury-based professional business psychologist
Cats on a treasure chest

If lockdown gets you down, why not hunt for treasure?

This treasure hunt with a twist is something you can enjoy at home.
The HS1 train

High speed views

Alex Ricketts stares out of train window of life
The HS1 train

High speed views: HS2

Will HS2 bring the same benefits as HS1

High Speed Views: Victory?

We commuters are a stoical lot not given to grumbling. Sort of.

Vegan burger name row reveals hypocrisy of the meat industry

Meat producers don't like the use of 'burger' or 'sausage' for vegan products.


Business psychologist Katie Hilton on how to deal with feeling overwhelmed.
Cows in cramped conditions

A vegan diet is the best solution on offer

Solutions are needed, and quickly, if these devastating trends are to be reversed.

High Speed Views: Dark

Popular columnist Alex Ricketts moans about the dark
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