Canterbury Mosque offering shelter for the homeless as temperatures plummet

One million new homes in a decade would end homelessness, says Crisis

Worshippers at the Canterbury Mosque are stepping into the battle to help the city’s homeless “brothers and sisters”.

With snow falling Monday into Tuesday, they went out into the frigid night to try to find rough sleepers in need of a place to stay for the night.

The plan was to accommodate at the Mosque in Giles Lane at the University of Kent.

The scene at the Tannery this morning

Ihsan Khan, who helped organise the effort, says most of those they came across had already found somewhere to stay for the night.

He said: “We first raised money to buy warm clothes and thermals which we distributed in December and January.

“But last night we realised those clothes aren’t going to be enough so we now want to open our doors because they too deserve to stay in a place that is warm.

“After all they are our brothers and sisters in humanity and we should be caring for them as much as we can.”

Temperatures fell to below freezing while snow blanketed Canterbury’s streets.

It is reported to be the coldest February for five years and snow is once again falling this morning with more forecast throughout the week.

Worshippers from the Mosque will once again be out tonight (Tuesday) and while it remains cold.

He said: “If you know anyone who is homeless and sleeping out, then ring the Canterbury Mosque and we will provide shelter for them.

“If you see anyone sleeping out then please contact us immediately.”

Last week it emerged that the open day centre run by homeless charity Catching Lives would shut for five days because of ongoing issues with drug and alcohol misuse.

It will reopen on Wednesday to serve food and drink to rough sleepers, who can then be accommodated at the city’s night shelter.

The Canterbury Mosque is at 1 Giles Lane, Canterbury, CT2 7LT. Call 07476 603 721 to reach it.


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