Sections of Canterbury gridlocked as road closure causes traffic chaos


Canterbury’s traffic has ground to a virtual standstill today (Sunday) as work continues on the Wincheap railway bridge which has been closed for repairs.

Motorists are reporting significant tailbacks as drivers attempt to navigate alternative routes onto and around the A28 and the Wincheap roundabout.

Authorities are advising drivers heading towards Ashford to follow the New Dover Road onto the A2 before taking the Bridge exit and heading back towards Canterbury northbound on the dual carriageway to the Wincheap turnoff, but some say not enough has been done to warn motorists.

Martin Roche said: “South Canterbury is gridlocked. The bridge repairs are not clearly signposted, so people are lost and angry.

“I just managed by the skin of my teeth to get my son onto the train to London back to uni.

“I counted nine artic lorries between New Dover Road and Langton Boys. This is chaos.”

Taxi drivers are warning fellow road users to avoid large swathes of the south Canterbury area including Nunnery Fields, Riding Gate roundabout, Zealand Road and Oxford Road.

The work is scheduled to finish at 4am Monday.


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