Canterbury council website hacked


At approximately 10am this morning part of the city council’s website was removed and replaced with a message reading ‘Hacked by Black Team X, Sahara is Moroccan, Free Gaza Free Palestine’.

The compromised section of the website deals with the council’s news and press releases.

Statistics show that 50,000 websites are hacked every day and attacks are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Council spokesman Rob Davies said: “We became aware of the issue with our newsroom this morning and within 20 minutes it was back up and running.

“We’re now looking at what happened and will learn any lessons if necessary. People can be reassured it’s working properly and is a great place to find out all of our news alongside our social media pages.”

In January the council was forced to apologise after personal information including address details and bank account information was released onto the Canterbury Residents Group on Facebook, although there is no indication that there was any data loss in today’s attack.

The Information Commissioner’s Office can issue fines up to £500,000 to organisations who fail to protect private data.


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