Can Barlow sort out the Marlowe?

Gary Barlow

A mum has made an impassioned plea to Take That frontman Gary Barlow after the Marlowe Theatre refused to refund her tickets.

Treacherous road conditions after days of snow and ice meant Steph Channing and her friends were unable to attend tonight’s performance of ‘The Band’, but the Marlowe Theatre was not willing to recompense theatre-goers who missed out.

Acting Theatre Director Paula Gillespie said: “As the shows all went ahead as planned, our contractual obligation with the producers of the show meant that we would not be able to refund the cost of tickets to those customers who could not make it.

“Also, it was not possible for us to exchange tickets for an alternative performance of the show as, due its immense popularity, there would not have been enough seats left to reallocate tickets to all those planning to attend on the days when we had wintry weather.”

The Marlowe Theatre

Channing took to social media and posted a public message to the composer of hits Shine and Pray saying: “A bunch of my friends and family (including my 6 months pregnant sister and a new mum of 8 weeks) were supposed to be travelling to Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre to watch the show, but due to the horrendous weather conditions, multiple car pile ups on the road to get there and un-gritted local roads we are unable to make the journey safely and the Marlowe Theatre are refusing to give us and all other ticket holders the option of refund or exchange for a different date or even a different show!

“(We) are all absolutely gutted not to be watching the show, we just cannot risk it, we’re all mums, wives and friends to others.”

Other Marlowe customers also complained. Ricky Stankovitch claims he was told “if our staff can get in then you can” although the Journal has been told some theatre staff were sent home early due to the weather.

The Marlowe further infuriated fans by updating the terms and conditions on its website, inserting a clause requiring a minimum of five working days’ notice to exchange tickets for another performance.

Marlowe patrons are pretty fed up. They hope publicity may cause the theatre to reconsider, but so far Gary Barlow has not responded.


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