Bowel movements banned in Canterbury sh*tty centre

The warning sign off St George's Street

Apparently, such is the problem with people curling out logs in Canterbury city centre that the authorities have had to formally ban the practice.

A warning sign has been put up which reads: “In this area you are restricted from urinating or defecating in a public place.”

It sits on the side of utility box in the alleyway off St George’s Street which leads to the loading area at Iron Bar Lane.

And it has sparked some debate about why such a sign is needed in the first place.

I wrongly assumed that it might have been because the closest public convenience is the one in Canterbury Lane – which is one of the worst toilets anywhere in the world.

The public loos at Canterbury Lane

Edd Withers, the chairman of Canterbury Pride and administrator of the Canterbury Residents Group on Facebook, also had some thoughts.

He said: “I guess this makes me ask, is it not restricted elsewhere? What if you have nowhere else to go?

“Why does this need signs, is it really that common… and will a sign help? I don’t think anyone ever caught short enough to shit in public has ever thought – ‘ooh, a sign saying I can’t do this. Oh well I’ll guess I’ll just shit myself’.

“And idiots who do it and know it’s wrong to do it, should be made to clean it up – but a sign won’t stop them in the first place.”

It took Cllr Neil Baker, the city council’s communities chairman whose portfolio presumably includes public defecatory incidents, to explain the sign’s purpose.

He said it warns of the authority’s Public Spaces Prevention Order for area and means that “council staff can enforce rather than just police”.

So next time you feel the urge to drop your kecks and squeeze a cheeky one out in public, be warned: someone from Canterbury City Council could be along to warn you that such behaviour is generally frowned upon.


  1. I would presume that means the pick it up and stuff it back in again then? Seriously, if Canterbury had some half way decent public toilets maybe these people wouldn’t feel the need to go in full public view. Personally I would rather mess myself than use the facilities at Canterbury Lane.


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