Best city pubs to watch summer of football

Football fans enjoy watching matches in the Cross Keys

Hundreds of millions of people around the world are tuning their televisions into one of the great occasions today.

That’s right, at 5.15pm their eyes will be glued to the Manchester United versus Chelsea FA Cup Final

At 3pm fans north of the border will tune in for the Scottish FA Cup Final – Celtic versus Motherwell.

Now, if like me, you love football but find it too much effort to actually go to games, then you’ll be watching it on tv.

But stay at and home and do that and there’s every risk you’ll end up slumped on a sofa, a can of warm Stella to one side and having to brush cheesy Wotsit crumbs out of your patchy facial hair.

The Cross Keys is in Oaten Hill

That’s why so many of us love watching football in pubs – because we enjoy the buzz of the crowd and being amid people cheering for the same thing.

And what a summer we’ve got: two cup finals today, the Liverpool versus Real Madrid Champions League Final next Saturday and starting on Thursday, June 14 the World Cup when hosts Russia take on the mighty Saudi Arabia.

England’s opening match is against Tunisia in Volgograd at 7pm on Monday, June 18. With that in mind,┬áhere’s my list of the top five pubs for watching the football in Canterbury.

At 1 is the Cross Keys in Oaten Hill. It’s got enough screens in all sorts of places that you simply won’t miss anything.

Number 2 is the Old City Bar round the corner in Oaten Hill Place. A large projector screen plus televisions front and back give good viewing.

Third is the Seven Stars in Orange Street, one of the city’s busiest boozers. Again numerous tvs throughout guarantee you’ll be able to see every second of action.

Just down the road at the point where Northgate meets Broad Street is the Jolly Sailor, a kicking venue – quite literally

And completing the list is The Bishop’s Finger in St Dunstan’s which fills for big games.

If, on the other hand, football is not your thing you could always check out our guide to the 10 best pub gardens in Canterbury as voted by you.


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