As city bakes, Cathedral offers refuge from the heat

Canterbury Cathedral is the mother church of the worldwide Anglican Communion

Canterbury Cathedral is offering people a place of refuge away from the searing heat engulfing the city.

As well as history and architectural beauty, the building provides shade and cool, airy interiors.

Yesterday (Tuesday), the Cathedral tweeted a picture of the Crypt alongside the words: “With temperatures set to reach 30°C in Canterbury this week come and escape the heat in the tranquil environment of the Crypt.”

A spokesman added that residents with passes for the Cathedral often visit the cloisters on hot days especially around lunchtimes.

Temperatures have been in the high 20s this week, but they are forecast to climb even higher.

It is predicted to be 30 degrees Celsius today (Wednesday) and 33 degrees on Thursday and Friday.

Paul Gundersen, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The heatwave conditions will continue across much of England through this week, with temperatures possibly into the mid to high 30s Celsius in places on Thursday and Friday and it’s possible that we could break the July record of 36.7 °C if conditions all come together.”

But health experts are warning that the heat could affect people and are urging them to take precautions.

Dr Thomas Waite, Consultant in Health Protection at Public Health England, said: “Temperatures are likely be high in parts of England this week, which may leave older people, young children and those with long-term conditions, including heart and lung diseases, struggling to adapt to the heat. So keep an eye on friends and family who may be at risk.

“To beat the heat, try to keep out the sun from 11am to 3pm, walk in the shade if you can, apply sunscreen and wear a hat if you have to go out in the heat. Also try to carry water with you when travelling.”


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