APPROVED: Controversial housing scheme for community field

Children enjoying the Kingsmead Field

City councillors have approved a controversial housing scheme for the Kingsmead Field in Canterbury.

They granted planning permission for 16 units on the far end of the field away from Kingsmead Road and next to the Kingsbrook Park development.

The application was made by Canterbury City Council to itself and came before its planning committee last night (Tuesday).

It comprises ten two-storey houses, three three-storey houses, two flats and a two-storey house with accommodation in the roof space.

Five of the houses will become part of the council’s housing stock for local families on the authority’s housing waiting list.

More than five years ago the fate of the field became a source of tension between the council and residents after the authority planned to allow the whole of it to be developed for housing.

A campaign was mounted and eventually the council relented and agreed that only 20% could be built on.

The Friends of Kingsmead Field were formed and now look after the field, organising community events or litter picks.


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