Animal rights film will prove “difficult viewing” for audiences

Tod Bradbury, campaign manager for Animal Aid

A film made by animal rights activists is to be shown at the University of Kent’s Gulbenkian Theatre.

Land of Hope and Glory, which explores the farming industry, has been produced by animal rights organisation Surge.

The film-makers said: “Through Land of Hope and Glory we aim to show the truth behind UK land animal farming by featuring the most up to date investigations as well as never before seen undercover footage, with a total of approximately 100 UK facilities featured throughout the film.”

Kent Vegan Events and activist group Animal Aid is showing the film.

Tod Bradbury, campaign manager for Animal Aid, will speak ahead of the film about the investigations carried out for the film.

Surge adds that Land of Hope and Glory may prove “an extremely difficult film to watch” and that support will be available for viewers afterwards.

It will be shown at the Gulbenkian at 7pm on Friday, February 1. For tickets and more information log on to the Gulbenkian website.


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