Ahead of Royal Wedding, Farage tells Welby: RESIGN

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Nigel Farage has told Archbishop of Canterbury that he should resign if he feels nervous about overseeing tomorrow’s Royal Wedding.

Justin Welby has revealed his anxieties ahead of the marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which will be watched by hundreds of millions around the world.

But the former Ukip leader and LBC broadcaster, who visited Whitstable last month, wasn’t impressed.

He said: “To go ‘oh I feel a little bit nervous about doing it’- well resign then. Let’s get somebody else who’s better, it’s pathetic.

“Can’t we just get rid of him? Isn’t he frightful? Isn’t he awful?

Farage in Whitstable harbour
Nigel Farage in Whitstable last month

“No wonder church attendances at the C of E are as poor as they are.”

Mr Welby also admitted to listening to Grime artist Stormzy to help overcome his nerves.

Marking his fifth year in office, Mr Welby has been an outspoken critic of the state of modern Britain.

In the most recent Mail on Sunday, Mr Welby published a piece entitled: Brexit and a broken Britain.

He wrote: “The ugly disparity between the mansions that some can afford and the poor housing that others must inhabit shows how badly our society has been corroded.”

And: “There are inequalities in our healthcare system as well. The NHS lacks coherence and a sense of the values it was founded on. Many of our elderly are neglected and lonely. Too many with mental health problems are ignored.

“All must receive medical care free at the point of delivery. To deny this is an attack on the common good, on the solidarity of our society.”

An infuriated Mr Farage read passages of the article to his listeners.

He then said: “He talks about division – and yet the words he uses further increases division.

“This is a very negative article from the Archbishop yet again. And I just want to say this: Archbishop, stop talking the country down because that is what you’re doing.”


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